Unemployment Claims
With the help of NSN you control the ultimate action taken on each claim. NSN:

  • scrutinizes every claim to check for eligibility, amount and benefit period
  • challenges all questionable claims
  • manages state mandated deadlines by promptly responding to inquiries timely
  • relieves your staff of burdensome claim administration and communicating with government agencies
  • receives claims directly from the state resulting in extended claim response time
  • investigates all separations for the purpose of favorable results to reduce costs

Unemployment Hearings
Claims resulting in hearings, your NSN Account Executive:

  • possesses an average of 20 years experience representing employers in unemployment proceedings
  • prepares witnesses before every hearing
  • reviews hearing documents and decisions
  • submits detailed and specific appeals where warranted

Benefit Charges
To eliminate errors paid in unemployment benefits (average error rate nationally is over 20%; in many states the error rate is even higher) NSN:

  • audits your unemployment charges from the state to verify every dollar charged
  • protests and appeals erroneous benefit charges so your unemployment taxes will be based on accurate and reliable information

Unemployment Taxes
Your unemployment tax liability is minimized because NSN:

  • verifies tax rates for unemployment accounts as assigned by the state
  • protests and appeals errors in your unemployment taxes
  • contests erroneous benefit charges that could negatively affect your unemployment tax rate
  • evaluates the favorability of voluntary contributions where allowed
  • investigates any refunds or credits available
  • reviews your payroll procedures and their impact on unemployment taxes
  • consults on mergers and acquisitions
  • analyzes past acquisitions or reorganizations to determine if there are credits or refunds that can be applied to your unemployment taxes
  • assists planning and budgeting by projecting unemployment tax rates

Education and Support

The first line of defense in controlling UI costs is having sound personnel policies, procedures and practices in place. This involves managers and staff throughout the organization. In addition to line managers, NSN can mobilize Finance, Human Resources, Accounting, Payroll, Legal and Risk Management to join the effort.

We offer detailed specific education and support that is tailored to each situation. Our interactive approach will help your key staff to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for continuous improvement in:

  • compliance
  • documentation
  • win ratios
  • performance management
  • problem prevention