Verification Of Employment & Income

Don’t get overwhelmed. Offload and automate the income and employment verification process for your employees.

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The benefits of NSN’s Verification Services

  • Eliminate the hidden costs of verification, and increase your bottom line.
  • Increase your security and maintain complete compliance with data privacy laws.
  • Take the burden off your Human Resources department and team members.
  • Provide your employees with self-serve tools.
  • A Smooth and Secure Verification Process for All Parties

    With NSN, you’re guaranteed a seamless experience for both verifiers and employees. Access your portal using trusted and proven software from our partner, VeriSafe. Additionally, our support team is always available to help eliminate any issues.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Frequently Asked Question

    VOE stands for Verification of Employment (and Income) inquiries or requests that employers often receive from commercial institutions as well as government agencies for current and former employees. Often, commercial verification requests come in when a current or former employee applies for employment, a loan, or housing. Government verification requests usually occur whenever a current or former employee applies for assistance through a government agency.

    Companies that complete verifications in-house enlist the help of internal human resource or payroll staff to respond to all inquiries. Obviously, the faster the employer can respond, the better it is for the employee. However, depending on your headcount, your company may receive many requests that need a timely response. These requests take time and resources to complete and they run the risk or inaccuracies if it is done manually. Employers benefit greatly from outsourcing their verification requests, as this eliminates the need to utilize valuable HR/payroll resources by automating the process to respond to all inquiries. NSN leverages its advanced technology platform to upload your company’s payroll information securely so that requestors can sign in and fulfill their verifications quickly without needing to rely on your company’s staff.

    NSN’s VOE service is free to NSN’s clients. The cost for this service is paid by commercial requestors who pay a fee to complete each verification. Unlike other providers, NSN does not charge any fees for fulfilling government-based verifications.

    NSN’s platform uses at-rest data encryption and advanced safety protocols proven to keep our data private and secure. Additionally, our PIN-based system puts you in control of who can access your data and for how long.

    As a VOE client of NSN, you receive our exceptional and personalized customer service experience every time. During the implementation phase, our team works with you to develop a kick-off program that meets your needs and provides training and guidance to inform your staff of the new process to use going forward. Additionally, we have a vast library of tutorial videos on how to use our platform that we make available to employers, employees, and requestors. Last, but not least, we have call center staff available to answer questions and provide assistance.

    To get you started, we simply need a signed service agreement, a client profile form which we will provide, and a payroll data file formatted to our specifications which our team will also provide upon receiving a signed agreement. Once our team sets up your account in our system, we will perform a robust Quality Assurance test on your data to make sure it is accurate. Once the QA testing is completed, we will request data for the last three years using the established format. Once the payroll data is loaded, we will conduct User Acceptance Testing to make sure everything works as expected. Once everything proves to be working, we will work with you to define a launch date and provide the necessary training and materials to get you up and running quickly.