About Us

NSN is the leading provider of unemployment cost control services since 1982. Our goal is to provide superior service and the greatest measurable results to minimize your unemployment liability throughout the UI system. NSN provides services to over 5,000 for profit and non- for profit employers nationwide with the highest level of personal and customized attention.

In 1982 NSN was founded in an effort to provide a higher level of service in the unemployment industry. The goal was to offer unemployment consulting services built on:

  • integrity
  • personal service
  • responsiveness
  • professionalism
  • a sense of humor

Some of NSN’s first clients were small- and medium-sized employers. As these employers grew in size and stature, NSN grew as well. Today NSN  a premier provider of unemployment cost containment and control across the US.

Multi-state employers
No matter how large or how many states, NSN’s hands-on approach and personal attention deliver proven results. NSN is known and respected by judges, adjudicators and state agencies dealing with unemployment compensation issues. With NSN as your representative, you will find better coordination with state agencies in your locations across the US.


Why Choose NSN?

Return on Investment
ROI – NSN’s service will often pay for itself. Our clients’ return on investment is typically 3:1. How often does your investment pay for itself that quickly?  We are trusted by some of the nation’s largest organizations to reduce unemployment costs, why not you?

  • Free up your people to do their jobs

Our People
Our staff is helpful, knowledgeable, and completely dedicated to protecting employers’ interests throughout the unemployment insurance process.

Collectively NSN’s unemployment consultants average more than 75 years of experience. Our professionalism, responsiveness and in-depth experience have earned the respect of clients, adjudicators, administrative law judges and state agencies nationwide.

NSN’s expert staff provides hands-on support for each employer’s unique culture and organization. An added benefit is that working with NSN staff will help your supervisors to provide better job performance documentation, leading to better management throughout the organization.

  • Direct Access, accessibility to an actual person and only one person
  • Trustworthy

Unparalleled Responsiveness
NSN’s expert staff is available when you need them.

When you call our office, you will speak with a member of NSN staff directly. Our experienced staff responds promptly and professionally to your questions and concerns.

When you email us, NSN will respond within 24 hours to ensure a quick and accurate response to your inquiry.


SIDES, Client Portal (transparency), real time access to claim activity, ability to deal with changes and complexities quickly.  Simplify the entire UI process to avoid issues later.

Industry Expertise

We only do one thing and we do it well.  We ensure compliance with laws and regulations and keep up to date on an ever-changing external environment

Actively participate in the state and federal legislative process to ensure your concerns are represented in the decision making process


One, low, all-inclusive fee

Certified as a DBE and WBE