Privacy Statement

 This NSN privacy policy statement is intended to confirm to site users that we at NSN take the issue of privacy most seriously. From time to time, NSN may change its privacy policy statement, and when it does so, it will post those changes on this page for ease of reference by our users.

NSN gathers information on an aggregate, site-wide basis; that is, while we may collect personal profile information such as name, email address, address, telephone number, usernames, passwords and/or employment information in order to facilitate performance of our services, NSN uses that data only in the aggregate, which aggregate information will never contain any identifiable personal information, Moreover, personal profile information is never gathered without the user’s knowledge and permission.

NSN collects information about use of this site, such as the sections users most frequently visit, the services accessed the, most and the most frequently visited links to other sites by our users. Collected only in the aggregate, this information helps us evaluate what is of the most benefit to our site users and enables us to give consideration to site and service improvements, At times we may share collected information with other sites linked to the NSN site, but once again, only in the aggregate. This sharing enables those linked sites to better understand our services and may lead to service and feature improvements. Again, aggregate information will never contain any identifiable personal information.

In the processes we follow, we record and track IP addresses and/or domain names as you establish a connection to our site on the Internet. NSN may use such an IP address to help diagnose problems with our server, to better understand how our users navigate our site and to otherwise administer this site. NSN may also use “cookies” to maintain and track a user’s sessions on the NSN site. These “cookies” do not contain personal or confidential information; they only help NSN personnel better understand what improvements to the site will enhance navigation of it for our users. Cookies are not used to record or track, or personally identify, any specific visitor.

We do not resell, disclose or distribute any information we gather (other than in the aggregate) to third parties.

Security and Use of the Internet
The NSN site makes use of the most up to date encryption protocols for use in connection with information sent between a user’s computer and the NSN site to protect against loss or misuse of information in our system. We also take the steps necessary consistent with the most current industry standards to protect all information that is transmitted to us and stored by us in our systems, not only against loss or misuse, but as well from loss or damage due to water, fire, power loss or other such hazards.

Your browser will indicate if you are operating on a secure site. if you are unsure if the site is secure, do not transmit confidential or sensitive information such as social security numbers or credit data until you have contacted the web operator or otherwise satisfied completely your concerns. Your browser window should be closed when you have finished your contact with our site. This will prevent others from accessing your personal information and correspondence if you share a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place. Notwithstanding all of the security measures in place, no one, including NSN, can guaranty the security of information transmitted to us over the Internet and each user ultimately must recognize that they do so at their own risk. However, once the information is received by us, we do afford the significant protections noted above.

Corrections or Cancellations
Any user that wishes to change any information previously provided to this site should send an email to us at with the indication “correction” in the subject line of the email. Any user that desires to have their information removed from the NSN database and not receive any further communications from us should send us an email at; with the indication “cancellation” in the subject line of the email.

Contact NSN
If at any time you have questions or concerns about NSN’s privacy commitment, this Privacy Statement or any aspect of NSN’s services, please feel free to contact us at 312.993.9580 or

This information was revised as of January, 2017.